Fully Automatic Dog Feeder

A Manawatu farmer uses his New Zealander ingenuity to make sure his funny dogs get a good meal when he goes fishing.



A Manawatu farmer uses his New Zealander ingenuity to make sure his funny dogs get a good meal when he goes fishing.


In 2016, after a long day on the farm, Gerard Richards and his partner were keen to cast off their lines, but the trip was canceled when they couldn't find anyone to feed his dogs.


That was enough to inspire the Turitea sheep and beef farmer to launch Teddykala, an all-weather automatic dog feeder, five years later this May.


While automatic pet feeders are nothing new, they are often designed for cats and small dogs with relatively small appetites compared to Richard's hard-working companions.

Manawatu farmer Leighton Gledhill III has been using the automatic feeders for three weeks.

"I always struggle with leaving the farm. I think the product has been life-changing."


After Richards came up with a sturdy design, he partnered with a steel manufacturer in Dannevirke.


He was assisted by Callahan Innovations and the Central Economic Development Authority (CEDA) in conducting research and development, seeking funding, and contacting intellectual property attorneys.


Peter Ellingham, CEDA's business growth consultant, says the Teddykala is likely to be one of the first farm dog feeders on the market specifically for work.


"It's a simple design that's automated but uses only a set of batteries, a timer, and some steel. A simple design is often a good idea as long as people out there are ready to buy your idea."


The feeder costs $375 and is available for purchase online. To date, Richards has provided 50 dog feeders to people across New Zealand.


While it was developed for and tested on dogs, owners of other companion animals and domestic livestock have also shown interest.


"I'm getting requests from pony owners to design something big."


Richards' goal was to develop a gentle leader collar that could provide multiple feeds in a day.


The farmer-turned-entrepreneur participated in the 2018 Innovation Event, and his feeder is on display at the Mystic Creek National Wilderness Event in 2021.

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